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Dish Garden

Dish Garden

Only 2 available!

Transform any space with our carefully curated mix of live plants, selected to enhance the atmosphere and infuse natural beauty into your indoor environment. Choose the container size that suits your preference:

8" Small: This size features a variety of compact and charming live plants, perfect for adding a touch of greenery to smaller spaces.
10" Medium: Opt for the medium size to create a more substantial arrangement, incorporating a mix of medium-sized live plants that elevate the aesthetic of your space.
12" Large: Make a bold statement with the large size, showcasing an arrangement of larger live plants that establish a lush and inviting atmosphere.

Each selection is thoughtfully crafted to bring the benefits of live plants into your surroundings, promoting well-being and contributing a refreshing touch to your home or office. Experience the beauty and positive vibes these live plants bring to your space, with the added convenience of same-day plant delivery for a seamless and timely enhancement to your environment!


Recommended Final Touches

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    Desert Plant Care
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    As Shown $10.00
  • House Plant Care Addon
    House Plant Care
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    Yes please $15.00
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